If you are visiting our website, or are thinking about visiting St. Paul the Apostle, for the first time, we welcome and invite you to participate to the degree in which you are comfortable. All are welcome; even nursing mothers are encouraged to stay! After you have taken the time to visit our church, we truly hope you will take the next step in joining us in person, remember us in your prayers, and consider becoming active and prayerful members of our Parish.


We are located at:

2182 Kipling Avenue, Rexdale, Ontario Canada M9W 4K9

Phone: 416-743-1993

Fax: 416-743-9810

E-mail Address: stpaultheapostlerexdale@gmail.com


For more information please contact:

Pastor: Brian Youngward OHC

Lay Pastoral Associate: Reginald-Martin Crenshaw, OHC